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Thanks to your help, SAHA was a finalist in Premier's Make My Non-Profit Run Better contest.  Unfortunately, we were not a winner.   We wish we could see the final tallies of votes as it's hard to imagine better people than the friends of the Slater Area Historical Association.  We were disappointed, but we're moving on to the next events for SAHA.

                                        UNSUNG HEROES OF WWII

After the successful exhibit "The Great War" about WWI, we wanted to feature the "Unsung Heroes" of WWII.  

Read the stories of our hometown men who saw, experienced and suffered during that war, and never talked about it.

Red Fitch was a fireman on the USS bunker Hill, and aircraft carrier, when it was hit by kamikaze pilots.  Ted Rimathe was in the crow's nest of the USS Maryland which was docked next to the USS Oklahoma in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.  Rudy Zagar spent 3 1/2 years in a POW camp.  Dale Cluck was terribly wounded and left for dead.  Joe Perzell fought and died at Iwo Jima.  Reading their stories will leave you amazed, sad, grateful and proud to have known them.  

We know there are many more stories to add.  Please contact us with yours.   

Also in this exhibit you will learn about Slater's "Women at War" who also served our country.  


  See what you will find inside....


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Genealogy Station


Blame it all on my ROOTS!

Tracing your genealogy is a rewarding and addictive adventure.  We can help by offering members free use of Ancestry.com and other search sites at our genealogy station.  Members who have completed their research have donated copies for your use.  You may be related!  

Photo Collections


If it happened in our community, it was probably printed in the Slater Paper or Tri-County Times.  We have them all for you to research.  You also have access to our hundreds of photos of school kids, weddings, town buildings, and even the first automobile delivered by horse and wagon.

Baseball and Basketball


The name "Slater" is synonymous with baseball and basketball.  Our trophy cases are filled with the legacy of these sports along with scorebooks, photos, and memorabilia.  Who hit the first home run under the lights? King Schaudt will even be there to greet you!   


Events and Exhibits


Cemetery walks, Civil War history, harvest heritage events with the street lined with tractors, displays of wedding dresses and aprons, exhibits of school days and the joys of growing up in a small town have all been offered free to the community.  These along with permanent displays make Heritage Hall a treasure in the community.