Did you just say you are running out of things to do while "housebound" these weeks?   Try trading Covid-19 for the History bug.  Here are some ideas:

1.  Dig out that box of photos- and home movies - you know, the ones without names.  Look at the background, the clothes, the ages, and start investigating.   Share the pictures with family or friends who may know just who that goofy looking kid is.

2.  List questions to ask relatives about your ancestors.   Questions should trigger stories about where they lived, their houses, their clothes, school days, their chores, the stores in their town, games they played, toys they cherished, jobs, friends, and yes, even lovers.

3.  Ask if there are diaries, calendars or other notebooks where daily tasks were recorded.  A common practice was to jot down the day's weather, the visitors, the tasks and any illnesses.   

4.  Are there old newspaper clippings?  They are a wealth of information and a treasure to read.

5.  Start a genealogy time-line or a family tree with names, dates, and photos.

6.  Once you start these activities, a family story will automatically take place.  You may not have all the details, but those can be filled in as you ask more questions.    This is all very ADDICTIVE, but this History Bug is good.

Free online sites to help in your search:

 Genweb (add a state such as Iowa)

 Ellis Island (free 14 day trial)


When Heritage Hall is able to re-open, you will be ready to use our online sites such as to find more information.  We have a subscription to that site and others, which we make available at no charge to our members.  

We also have a collection of the Slater News and the Tri-County Times newspapers which are incredible resources (and so much fun to read)!

                                                     WE HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON!

Although Heritage Hall is closed for now, we are looking forward to soon having an open house for our History of Hats exhibit!  Follow us on Face Book and/or call Barb Mallon 515-480-9789

  See what you will find inside....


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Genealogy Station


Blame it all on my ROOTS!

Tracing your genealogy is a rewarding and addictive adventure.  We can help by offering members free use of and other search sites at our genealogy station.  Members who have completed their research have donated copies for your use.  You may be related!  

Baseball and Basketball


The name "Slater" is synonymous with baseball and basketball.  Our trophy cases are filled with the legacy of these sports along with scorebooks, photos, and memorabilia.  Who hit the first home run under the lights? King Schaudt will even be there to greet you!   


Photo Collections


If it happened in our community, it was probably printed in the Slater Paper or Tri-County Times.  We have them all for you to research.  You also have access to our hundreds of photos of school kids, weddings, town buildings, and even the first automobile delivered by horse and wagon.

Events and Exhibits


Cemetery walks, Civil War history, harvest heritage events with the street lined with tractors, displays of wedding dresses and aprons, exhibits of school days and the joys of growing up in a small town have all been offered free to the community.  These along with permanent displays make Heritage Hall a treasure in the community.  

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